What we do

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Incisive Software Corporation provides award-winning, innovative software solutions for organizations that need spreadsheet analysis, control and management to increase productivity and reduce risk.

Why is it valuable?

Our software helps customers confidently analyze spreadsheet data to:

  • Minimize risk due to human error
  • Make key business decisions based on clean data
  • Identify fraud
  • Avoid liability
  • Ensure compliance with corporate policies

Company profile

Incisive’s award-winning software has been recognized for accurately and reliably highlighting risks to give users confidence in their spreadsheet information.

We offer an easy to use, easy to implement, cost effective enterprise spreadsheet management suite of software that includes solutions for the enterprise as well as for users who want to focus on reviewing their own spreadsheets.

Enterprise solution

Concourse- Providing stakeholders with automated insight into risk from the tens of thousands of spreadsheets in an organization, it provides a collaboration, management and controls environment for all users involved in the creation, maintenance and auditing of critical spreadsheets.

Locator – With an easy to use interface, Locator helps enterprises find, risk rank and create a spreadsheet inventory, while delivering insight into why they’re ranked with risk. With the heavy lifting gone, teams can address risk more quickly, and more frequently.

End user solution

Finding and monitoring error-filled spreadsheets is not ideal. In conjunction with Concourse and Locator, we recommend all spreadsheet users scan and analyze for areas of potential risk using Xcellerator.

Xcellerator – Seamlessly within Microsoft Excel, it helps detect and resolve errors and risk, and gain insight into spreadsheet results.

Why Incisive?

Spreadsheets play a vital role in every organization and their complexity and critical nature continue to grow. In 2009, Incisive was founded on the belief that with the right solution you should be able to continue to use spreadsheets without the risk. Our engineering team, located in Silicon Valley, continues to solve this problem with innovation and input from our customer base.

Incisive is a strong supporter of Microsoft technologies and has undertaken the challenges involved in becoming a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.