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Top 10 reasons enterprises use Incisive
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Successful finance organizations are built on a foundation of accurate data. Confidence in the numbers they generate is crucial to maintaining a strategic role in the organization. Determining the health of a potential acquisition target, budgeting, forecasting, and cobbling together disparate ERP and BI systems, all leave a finance organization vulnerable to costly errors.

Incisive software solutions enable finance teams to focus on the financial well-being of the company with spreadsheet management software that:

  • Saves thousands of man hours with automation
  • Empowers better decisions with accurate and complete data
  • Provides real-time visibility and audit trail of spreadsheet changes
  • Secures documents and tracks revisions
  • Uncovers hidden information

Systemic Confidence

Managing risk in finance can be accomplished with a combination of access control and risk analysis. Robust controls ensure that only the right people in the organization have access to sensitive information. Additionally, Incisive provides automated risk ranking to help identify areas for further inspection and provides confidence in the complete financial picture.

Empower End Users

Incisive Software empowers end users to audit their own work prior to sending to management for aggregation into the overall financial picture. Automated error checking enables the validation of each cell in a workbook saving countless hours of review and ensures a reliable data source.

Share Common Data

Ensure that everyone is working with the most current data so that conclusions are made with accurate and up-to-date information. Incisive software manages revisions so everyone is using the most current version as well as ensuring that external references are up to date.

Cost of Doing Nothing

Ripped from the headlines are tales of IPOs stalled, stock prices that plummet and shareholder trust eradicated; mostly due to human error when using spreadsheets. Powerful error checking and fraud detection protects organizations from costly mistakes.