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Xcellerator Empowers Internal Audit to Verify Complex Spreadsheet Data

Case Study

The Challenge

This financial institution’s internal audit department regularly reviews several critical spreadsheets created for different banking processes which have become extremely complex over the years. Today, some of these spreadsheets contain more than 1,000 rows and, according to internal audit, are nearly impossible to review manually.

Because the information in these spreadsheets couldn’t be thoroughly reviewed in a timely fashion, the internal audit department wasn’t convinced that all the information was accurate. Yet the AVP knew it was his department’s responsibility to verify the data.

Read the case study to learn how this company used Incisive to verify financial data in extremely complex and aging spreadsheets, including:

  • Finding errors that would have been nearly impossible to find using manual review
  • Verifying past data to confirm accuracy today
  • Providing a high level of confidence in their spreadsheet information


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