Our Story

Successful enterprise organizations are built on a foundation of accurate data. Confidence in the results they generate from complex models is essential to make shrewd business decisions, like determining the value of a potential acquisition or investment, budgeting and forecasting, analyzing profitability, and determining risk. Often, these critical business decisions rely on data embedded in complex and highly specialized spreadsheets. Yet just one poorly managed spreadsheet, fat finger error, incorrect formula, or missed reference could expose an organization to operational risk that can cause significant financial and reputational loss.

Making critical business decisions based on inaccurate data puts companies at risk in the form of financial loss, damaged reputations, and regulatory fines. Spreadsheet risk impacts productivity and contributes to the cost of inefficiencies within an organization. Without a solid foundation in accurate and trustworthy data, leadership can be misled, potentially leading a company to make the wrong decision. The smallest accounting mistakes can be detrimental to operations; in some cases, they can cost a fortune in damage to repair. Increased spreadsheet risk can threaten a company’s revenue and reputation, carrying real implications for not only employees, but also customers and shareholders.

Fortunately, there are solutions to address spreadsheet risk. Incisive Software provides spreadsheet management applications that empower enterprises to identify and mitigate spreadsheet risk, resulting in reduced risk exposure and improved data quality, allowing companies to trust the data that drives their business.

Incisive Software Spreadsheet Management is a suite of connected applications that provides enterprises with essential visibility and control over their business-critical spreadsheets – driving confidence and facilitating better decision-making.

Trust the data that drives your business.