Our Story

We live in a dynamic and ever shifting business landscape. Executives are more challenged than ever to identify, manage and reduce risk exposure in their critical business processes, often embedded in complex and highly specialized spreadsheets.

Unfortunately, the tools and techniques available to identify, manage, and reduce the compliance, accuracy, process and decision risk embedded in these spreadsheets, are either manual, homegrown and fragile; or difficult to deploy and manage; and most certainly non-responsive to rapid business change.

The risk exposure coupled with a restrictive tool set, force Risk Management teams to spend far too much time being risk reactive, focused on reacting and finding risk, rather than managing and reducing it. No wonder it feels like walking on a risk high wire, struggling to maintain balance and posture.

What if there was a better way – to take a continuous risk intelligence approach that delivered a modern and automated way to proactively and continuously manage the compliance, process, decision and accuracy risks embedded in most critical spreadsheets?

With the Incisive Risk Intelligence platform, risk management teams have the visibility and control they need to manage all of these risks. This Risk Resilient™ posture allows organizations to more confidently use, evolve and leverage these business critical spreadsheets, anticipating and reducing risk exposure and eliminating bad decision making.