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Why This Webinar

Most organizations still use and rely on highly complex and specialized spreadsheets to support critical business processes. However, these spreadsheets inherently carry risk, and business professionals struggle to identify, manage, and reduce the risk embedded in these spreadsheets due to manual processes and homegrown solutions.

With today’s increased pace of business, and an uncertain, changing and complex global regulatory environment, risk executives are more challenged than ever to identify, manage and reduce the spreadsheet risk exposure in their business. The brand and personal costs of failure are higher than ever before.

How can businesses avoid the pitfalls of maintaining outdated processes, operations and approaches, and move towards a more modern and resilient spreadsheet risk management strategy?

Join us for a compelling webinar Critical Success Factors for Mitigating Spreadsheet Risk: Key Insights from Ally Financial and Signature Bank.” You’ll hear from industry experts Deepa Ghosh, Head of Qualified Analytical Tools Validation at Ally Financial, Janine Jakubauskas, Financial Regulatory Manager at Signature Bank, along with Incisive Software CEO Diane Robinette, as they discuss best practices for identifying and addressing spreadsheet risk within critical business processes.

Webinar Agenda Includes:

  • The importance of identifying risks in your critical business processes, and the impact spreadsheets have on them.
  • Case studies: How banks are using technology to identify and manage spreadsheet risk, and quickly achieve scalability
  • The impact of avoiding spreadsheet risk management policies, practices and solutions
  • Why modernizing your approach can help you anticipate and reduce your risk exposure


deepa ghoshDeepa Ghosh
Head of Qualified Analytical Tools Validation
Ally Financial

Deepa Ghosh is the Head of Qualified Analytical Tools Validation at Ally Financial. She is a senior risk professional with experiences that span Spreadsheet Risk, Audit, Compliance and Regulatory engagement. Prior to joining Ally, she was with Bank of America, where she also headed the Spreadsheet Risk function for the enterprise. Deepa started her career with General Electric and held several roles with increasing responsibilities within GE.

She started several programs and capabilities from the ground up and built to maturity. She has global experience, having worked in South Africa, Canada and India. Deepa earned her Chartered Accountant (CA) Degree from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and was ranked 28th in the country in that examination.

janine jakubauskas

Janine Jakubauskas
Financial Regulatory Manager
Signature Bank

At Signature Bank, Janine Jakubauskas leads the efforts for the internal control environment for stress testing activities and handles regulatory affairs including communication with regulators for the departments. Her expertise includes building out control frameworks including spreadsheet management as well constructing remediation plans for any regulatory findings.

Prior to Signature, Janine was on the Central Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review team at HSBC and also worked within the Supervision Group at the Federal Reserve Bank of NY.

diane robinette

Diane Robinette
President & CEO
Incisive Software Corporation

Diane Robinette is President and CEO at Incisive Software, a company helping the most influential organizations in the world achieve the visibility and control required to manage the risks associated with business critical spreadsheets and empower better decision making.

Prior to Incisive Software, Diane served in executive and senior level positions at companies including BroadVision, Contivo (acquired by Liaison Technologies), Covigna (acquired by ProQuest/Snap-on), Perfect Commerce and Proximex (acquired by Tyco). She also held management positions at KPMG and EY.

Diane holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from San Francisco State University, and has been invited to speak on various topics for organizations including The Lester Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Haas School of Business, Technology Ventures Corporation (TVC), and the Institute for Internal Auditors (IIA).



Title: Critical Success Factors for Mitigating Spreadsheet Risk: Key Insights from Ally Financial and Signature Bank.

Duration: 60 minutes

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