Fast, Accurate and Comprehensive Spreadsheet Discovery and Risk Assessment

Incisive Locator™ delivers fast, accurate and comprehensible spreadsheet discovery and risk assessment. Using flexible and configurable user-defined attributes and priorities, Locator helps organizations identify their riskiest spreadsheets and offers transparency into its calculations so its results are trustworthy.

Building an inventory and risk assessment profile has never been easier. Locator allows organizations to:

    • Find all spreadsheets on a network
    • Build a risk profile
    • Prioritize actions
    • Eliminate tedious manual processes

ComprehensiveComprehensive Discovery

Quickly and easily finds all spreadsheets on the network, even multiple versions of the same file. This can provide an overwhelming amount of results so Locator can filter results by user-defined attributes.

RiskAccurate Risk Assessment

Assess spreadsheet risk on tens or hundreds of thousands of spreadsheets in a timely and efficient manner. Organizations define the risk criteria to ensure accurate risk ranking that suits the needs of the business.

TransparencyTransparency and Visibility

Easily view rule violations and identify the offending spreadsheet. Patterns of errors can be quickly identified and resolved with this powerful feature.

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