Empowers End Users to do their Job More Efficiently with a Higher Degree of Accuracy

SAN JOSE, CA – October 16, 2017 – Incisive Software Corporation today announced updates to its spreadsheet management software suite that provide users with greater insight and control over spreadsheet data and risk. The new features were added in response to market demand for more efficient process documentation and review processes. Because there is no custom coding or development required, the updates are available immediately via download to current customers.

According to Diane Robinette, CEO of Incisive, “Regulatory requirements are placing an added burden on businesses. To address these demands we have added new features and capabilities to our spreadsheet management solutions that provide greater oversight of spreadsheet data, ensuring reliability and accuracy. As our customers’ needs evolve, we will continue to innovate our technology to meet market demands.”

As corporate regulations grow more stringent, the enforcement and compliance process has become more challenging. Workflow updates to Incisive’s Concourse software make it easy to provide the tighter controls required for critical data and ensures compliance with the most rigorous policies. New easy-to-use templates provide consistency when reviewing, editing and approving projects to help improve efficiency. The additional ability to capture and store supporting project information of virtually any kind, including PDF, Excel, and Word, adds an additional layer of security and compliance. Supporting documents can be captured at both project and revision levels. Project level has the ability to evolve with the business needs while revision level are permanent for stricter change management.

Updates to Incisive’s Xcellerator software include added flexibility in licensing and greater insight into spreadsheet data. New support for site licenses simplifies large deployments and makes it easier for customers to manage resources/users as their organization changes. One of the most innovative updates to Xcellerator is the addition of a Percentage Mode. This mode leverages Incisive’s patent pending overlay technology to highlight results by percentage change allowing users to quickly locate items with the largest impact. Xcellerator also simplifies analysis of ERP generated spreadsheets by adding the ability to filter results. ERP-generated spreadsheets frequently contain custom functions which are important to the ERP system, but meaningless to the user. This new feature gives users the confidence they won’t miss real problems that could be hidden in a sea of noise/

About Incisive

Incisive provides award-winning and innovative risk intelligence through spreadsheet management solutions. Our enterprise-class offerings provide visibility and control to all business areas that use or interact with spreadsheets. Incisive products have been recognized for accurately and reliably highlighting risks to give users confidence in their spreadsheet information.