Industry’s First SaaS Spreadsheet Analysis and Management Software Compares and Displays Differences between Spreadsheet Versions 
Saratoga, Calif. (Business Wire) – May 27, 2010 – Incisive, a leading developer of enterprise-class spreadsheet analysis and management solutions, today announced that Incisive Online, the industry’s first SaaS spreadsheet analysis and management software, is also the first spreadsheet analysis software to provide Differential (Diff) Reporting functionality. Frequently requested by customers, this new functionality compares different versions of the same spreadsheet and highlights all changes, allowing users to identify correct versions or confirm that no changes were accidentally made. Diff Reporting helps users manage spreadsheet risk for themselves, their departments and organizations.
“We’ve had many requests from customers in several industries asking for the ability to compare different versions of the same workbooks and worksheets,” said Diane Robinette for Incisive. “They all need to know if critical information has changed due to others’ review, spreadsheet software upgrades or accidental changes. Instead of performing a manual cell-by-cell review, Diff Reporting automates the process to give customers confidence in knowing precisely what information changed between versions.”

Diff Reporting in Incisive Online has several significant features such as comparing cell values and formulas and examining named ranges. Incisive Online compares both cell values and formulas at the same time so users don’t have to run separate analysis reports. Diff Reporting also displays spreadsheet differences in both textual and graphic-based reports. These reports deliver statistics that show differences at both the workbook and worksheet levels. The text-based report lists individual differences. The graphical report uses color (red, yellow, blue) to highlight any changes to formulas, cell values or both. When the mouse moves over a colored cell the change details appear on screen explaining the differences to the user.
Incisive Online is the only solution that examines and compares named ranges, which is important for several reasons. As documented in several online public forums, names can inadvertently “disappear” and cause difficulty in diagnosing miscalculations. No known cause has been determined, but by using Diff Reporting to compare versions, users can immediately see if any named ranges have been affected. Named ranges can also accidentally change (grow, shift or shrink) which may lead to incorrect results. If a name is a constant, holds a formula, includes external references or the spreadsheet simply has too many names to review, Diff Reporting will recognize any changes. Diff Reporting allows users to recover from these situations and more.
Incisive Online with Diff Reporting is available today from the Incisive web site ( as a free trial and a monthly subscription fee. As an online service, Incisive Online requires no end user computer compatibility and is not governed by corporate policies regarding installable software. Other Incisive solutions include Xcellerator, the premier spreadsheet analysis application, and Validate, the leading spreadsheet auditing software. To try Incisive Online or receive more information about Incisive and its products, please visit
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