Diff Interactive Compares Changes between Spreadsheets in Fast and Intuitive Fashion; Only Solution to Examine Named Ranges

Sunnyvale, Calif. (Business Wire) – April 5, 2011 – Incisive, a leading developer of enterprise-class spreadsheet analysis and management solutions, today announced Diff Interactive, the industry’s first real-time spreadsheet comparison software application. Designed for any spreadsheet user, Diff Interactive delivers a new and better way of comparing spreadsheets to give users visibility into spreadsheet risk. Diff Interactive works in real-time to quickly determine if/what spreadsheet changes were made by others and confirms that users are working with the latest spreadsheet version. It’s also the only comparison solution to examine named ranges. Diff Interactive is currently in beta and will be available for purchase in June 2011.

“Diff Interactive is unique because it truly allows the user to interact with the spreadsheet while comparing versions,” said Diane Robinette, vice president of marketing for Incisive. “Other products simply display side-by-side comparisons, forcing users to return to their original spreadsheets and remember changes. Diff Interactive works in an intuitive fashion to provide a comprehensive examination in real-time, highlight the differences, and make changes immediately. Its innovative functionality for comparing named ranges, along with reporting, gives users confidence that their information is correct to make informed decisions.”

Diff Interactive examines formulas, cell values and sheets, and is the only solution to compare named ranges. Support for named ranges is important as many issues can occur, such as inadvertently disappearing names ranges, ranges shrinking between versions, and names including constants, formulas and external references which can be accidentally changed.
Diff Interactive lets users take snapshots of spreadsheets at any time to compare changes that can be extremely useful to support “what if?” analyses. In addition, Diff Interactive reports incorporate statistics that highlight differences at both the workbook and worksheet levels.

As with other Incisive products, Diff Interactive and Microsoft Office Excel appear as one to the user and the integrity of the spreadsheet application is always maintained. By leveraging the company’s unique patented overlay technology, color is used to highlight differences and mouse-over provides details. Diff Interactive is an installable product and may be used with Microsoft Office Excel 2003, 2007 and 2010. Diff Interactive will be available for purchase in June 2011. For trial versions or more information about other Incisive products, please visit www.incisive.com.

About Incisive
Located in Sunnyvale, California, Incisive offers a comprehensive suite of products designed to minimize spreadsheet risk. Incisive solutions target all types of spreadsheet use, from creation and maintenance to audit and control, so organizations can depend on the information for their financial and business decisions. Its unique patented overlay technology lets users make changes while maintaining the spreadsheet’s integrity. The company’s online offerings complement its interactive installable products. For more information, visit www.incisive.com.

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