Locator Speeds Identification and Risk Ranking of Critical Spreadsheets

San Jose, Calif. (Business Wire) – April 11, 2012 – Incisive, a developer of enterprise-class spreadsheet analysis and management solutions, today announced Locator, the company’s new solution for spreadsheet discovery and risk assessment. Locator helps organizations inventory and assess spreadsheet risk on tens or hundreds of thousands of spreadsheets in a timely and resourceful manner, then maintain this process over time.

“Discovery is the first critical step for organizations to understand their true level of spreadsheet risk,” said Diane Robinette, president for Incisive. “After discovery and identification, risk criteria should be applied to determine the riskiest spreadsheets, then processes and training best practices may be put in place to manage those spreadsheets. Locator delivers fast, accurate and comprehensible discovery of spreadsheets, identifies the riskiest spreadsheets and allows for rescanning of files for ongoing assessment.”

Locator offers many unique features to help organizations through the discovery and risk assessment processes. When there are multiple versions of the same file, Locator groups by file version for clear identification. It offers easy filtering and sorting of spreadsheets, even by user-defined attributes, so users see only preferred spreadsheets. Locator leverages Incisive’s risk analysis engine which runs extensive and configurable spreadsheet risk tests to analyze errors and itemize risk rankings.

Locator offers easily customizable criteria selections for groups of spreadsheets so risk ranking parameters can be defined based on an organization’s policies and procedures. Spreadsheets are then categorized with high, medium or low risk rankings and rule violations are weighted to create an appropriate risk score for the entire spreadsheet.

For spreadsheet insight, different criteria may be applied to individual spreadsheets or groups of spreadsheets and Locator can show which rules have been violated. In addition, spreadsheet risk tests are configurable, meaning that tests may be created based on an organization’s own user-defined attributes to find specific risks and/or errors. Finally, Locator provides transparency into the risk calculation algorithm so users can see where the results come from and, therefore, trust the results.

Locator will be available in May 2012. For product demos, pricing and more information, please contact sales@incisive.com.

About Incisive
Incisive is the first to deliver its spreadsheet analysis and management solutions as both Software as a Service (SaaS) and also as installable products. All Incisive products comprehensively analyze spreadsheets to locate errors, giving users confidence in their spreadsheet information. The company’s online offerings complement its interactive installable products. For more information about Incisive and its products, visit www.incisive.com.

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