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Important Enhancements and New Capabilities Help Customers Compare and Analyze Spreadsheets Faster, More Efficiently and More Accurately

IIA 2013 All Star Conference, New Orleans, LA (Business Wire) – October 14, 2013 – Incisive, a developer of enterprise-class spreadsheet risk analysis and management solutions, today announced Xcellerator 2.3, the newest version of its award-winning spreadsheet analysis application. Xcellerator 2.3 adds important enhancements that makes it the only spreadsheet analysis application to accurately compare spreadsheets. In addition, Xcellerator 2.3 facilitates consistent enterprise spreadsheet testing, examines spreadsheets for outdated external workbook references and provides workbook metrics.

“We continually strive to help our Xcellerator customers save time and work more efficiently as they compare, analyze and share findings of their spreadsheets,” said Dave Myers, Director of Engineering at Incisive. “Version 2.3 is leaps ahead of the competition when it comes to helping our customers accurately compare their spreadsheets. We’ve invested significant engineering and quality assurance resources to increase performance and unprecedented accuracy of our comparison algorithm. This increase, combined with our patent-pending overlay technology, allows our products to better analyze and compare all spreadsheet changes.”

Xcellerator 2.3 is the only spreadsheet analysis application to properly handle the insertion, deletion and shifting of rows and columns. In other solutions, these actions can result in dozens to hundreds of false positives which the user must resolve. A significant enhancement to the Xcellerator comparison algorithm removes the chance of false positive results from these actions, providing the user with a realistic view of possible errors and risks.

In Xcellerator, users can now create and save Test Profiles, that is, a named group of selected tests. Users can choose a Profile and Xcellerator will scan a spreadsheet using the selected tests found in the Profile. In this fashion, Profiles can be created for individual users and/or business departments and used repeatedly, saving users set-up time and eliminating the risk of forgetting to include important tests.

In addition, Xcellerator 2.3 will find and highlight formulas which reference external workbooks that have not been modified in more than one (1) year. This helps eliminate the potential risk of referencing outdated information.

Finally, Xcellerator 2.3 offers a Workbook Statistics Report which highlights specific metrics that could contribute to the inherent risk of a spreadsheet. These metrics include: complexity of formulas; volume of linkages to other cells/worksheets/spreadsheets; and volume of data and spreadsheet size.

Xcellerator 2.3 will be available in late October 2013. To purchase Xcellerator 2.3 or request a free 7-day Xcellerator trial, call (408) 660-3090 or email

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