Xcellerator Significantly Reduces Spreadsheet Review Time, Material Errors and Fraud; Identifies Hidden Errors with Greatest Accuracy
Saratoga, Calif. (Business Wire) – December 16, 2009 – Incisive, a developer of enterprise-class spreadsheet analysis and management solutions, today announced Xcellerator, the premier spreadsheet analysis software application. As the category leader, Xcellerator offers the most powerful error checking, sophisticated logic and investigative capabilities to significantly reduce material errors and possible fraud as well as the hours associated with detailed reviewing of spreadsheets.
“Daily, critical business decisions are made from spreadsheet information, yet most executives have no assurance that the figures are correct,” said Diane Robinette for Incisive. “Xcellerator allows users to quickly find and fix spreadsheet errors guided by color-coded areas and detailed reports. Its advanced error detection capabilities and analysis gives spreadsheet reviewers and management the confidence they are making decisions on accurate data.”
Xcellerator combines powerful error checking and investigative capabilities to effectively analyze spreadsheets. After applying 28 different tests to uncover errors and risks, Xcellerator generates a color heat map to display errors within the spreadsheet and identifies hidden errors with greater accuracy than any other solution. Errors are neatly listed with interactive navigation features that allow users to easily jump from error to error. These features allow users to comprehensively correct errors that are repeated across the spreadsheet.
The strength of Xcellerator lies in the extensive tests it produces, ranging from formula errors and risks in cell accuracy to hidden errors and external references. Each test flags cells in the workbook, noting potential errors that should be reviewed or examined. Xcellerator rates these errors by severity and likelihood so users can easily identify “hot spots” where errors are most critical. Because Xcellerator delivers fast results and superior accuracy, spreadsheet reviewers can eliminate hours of laborious manual checking and management can be confident that material errors and possible fraud are avoided.
Xcellerator’s sophisticated logic is completely independent of the spreadsheet application (for example, Microsoft Office Excel or Google Spreadsheets). This logic delivers higher-level functionality and unprecedented accuracy. Unlike other spreadsheet error detection applications, Xcellerator and Excel appear as one to the user and the integrity of the spreadsheet application is always maintained.
In addition to Xcellerator, an installable product, Incisive recently announced Incisive Online, the industry’s first spreadsheet analysis and management software as a service. Because it’s an online service, Incisive Online requires no end user computer compatibility and is not governed by corporate policies regarding installable software. Incisive Online is available as a free trial and a monthly subscription fee. Further information about Incisive and Incisive Online can be found at www.incisive.com.
About Incisive
Incisive is the first to deliver its spreadsheet analysis and management solutions offerings as both Software as a Service (SaaS) and also as installable products. All Incisive products comprehensively analyze spreadsheets to locate errors, giving users confidence in their spreadsheet information. The company’s online offerings complement the interactive installable products based on technology acquired from RedRover Software, Inc. Incisive is a wholly-owned property of Valley Inception, LLC. For more information, visit www.incisive.com.
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