Saratoga, Calif. (Business Wire) – November 18, 2009 – Incisive, a developer of enterprise-class spreadsheet analysis and management solutions, today announced the availability of Incisive Online. Incisive Online is the industry’s first spreadsheet analysis and management software available as a service. For a monthly or annual subscription fee, Incisive Online gives spreadsheet users greater confidence that their information is correct. Because Incisive Online is delivered as a service, customers always have the latest technology for risk mitigation and powerful data center computing for deep analysis of their spreadsheets.
“Incisive’s SaaS model is a great fit for market requirements in spreadsheet analysis,” said Susan Y. Xu for Incisive. “Incisive can continually offer innovative features and technology without requiring users to download each version. It also eliminates corporate business concerns about compatibility on end-user computers, with firewalls or other company systems. Offering Incisive Online as a service reduces user acquisition and deployment times, so spreadsheets are analyzed and corrected faster than ever before. Spreadsheet users can now locate and correct errors quickly and efficiently, giving them more confidence in their data.”
To get started, users individually upload spreadsheets to Incisive Online. Since spreadsheets are not permanently stored, users don’t need to worry about data being compromised. Once files are uploaded, Incisive Online identifies core problems by examining spreadsheet details, and then presents error results in a portfolio of reports that provide a wealth of analysis while illustrating the spreadsheet structure. Incisive Online displays both text- and graphic-based reports that guide users to errors and unknown risks, including hidden cells. It also shows a clear view into formulas and the volume of cell/worksheet/spreadsheet links as well as the volume of data and spreadsheet size – details which help measure spreadsheet risk.
Because Incisive Online is a service, it’s free of end user computer compatibility issues and is not governed by corporate policies regarding installable software. Incisive Online is compatible with market-leading spreadsheet applications, such as Microsoft Office Excel 2007, 2003, 2000 and Mac as well as Google Spreadsheets. It employs state of the art security features to protect file transfers and all user activity. Further information about Incisive and Incisive Online can be found at
About Incisive
Incisive is the first to deliver its spreadsheet analysis and management solutions offerings as both Software as a Service (SaaS) and also as installable products. All Incisive products comprehensively analyze spreadsheets to locate errors, giving users confidence in their spreadsheet information. The company’s online offerings complement the interactive installable products based on technology acquired from RedRover Software, Inc. Incisive is a wholly-owned property of Valley Inception, LLC. For more information, visit
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