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Upgraded Solutions Deliver New Features for More Accurate Spreadsheet Analysis and Added Productivity

Boston, MA, IIA 2012 International Conference (Business Wire) – July 9, 2012 – Incisive, a developer of enterprise-class spreadsheet analysis and management solutions, today announced the release of Xcellerator 2.0, the latest version of its leading spreadsheet analysis program, which includes many new features for more accurate spreadsheet analysis. In addition, Incisive today announced Diff Interactive 1.5, an upgrade to the industry’s first real-time spreadsheet comparison software application. Version 1.5 delivers new features for better productivity.

“We strive hard to develop solutions that make complex tasks easier and more straightforward while not requiring users to change the way they work,” said Dan Vega, Principal Software Engineer for Incisive. “With Xcellerator 2.0, for example, users have a much easier way to create tests to identify spreadsheet risks that are most applicable to their organizations or industries. Diff Interactive 1.5 highlights areas where rows or columns have been added/deleted within a spreadsheet to eliminate any formula change confusion. These new capabilities provide more accurate analysis and better productivity, yet don’t require users to learn a new way to interact with their spreadsheets.”

Xcellerator 2.0 includes new tests specifically designed to help find possible fraudulent activities. It also offers a powerful custom test builder that allows organizations to configure their own tests based on company policies and spreadsheet best practices. The new Link Analyzer feature explores an entire workbook to find any external references, thus eliminating tedious and elusive manual searching. Finally, Xcellerator 2.0 provides configurable reporting options to give users more visibility into their spreadsheets.

“Xcellerator 2.0 is fast, effective and very user-friendly,” said Chris Mishler, CMA and CIA with Experis Finance. “Xcellerator helps increase the productivity of my spreadsheet audit and modeling team. We can find and reduce risks in spreadsheets quickly with this nimble diagnostic solution.”

As the industry’s first real-time spreadsheet comparison software application, Diff Interactive is designed for any level of spreadsheet user. It delivers a new and better way of comparing spreadsheets to give users visibility into spreadsheet risk. For better productivity, Diff Interactive 1.5 offers the ability to observe when entire rows and columns have been inserted or deleted. Version 1.5 highlights and labels such a change as a “shift” instead of noting changes to every formula in the rows or columns that have been moved. This feature clearly identifies a common spreadsheet action and eliminates the confusion this change may otherwise produce.

Xcellerator 2.0 is currently available for purchase and Diff Interactive 1.5 will be available Q3 2012. For Xcellerator 2.0 and Diff Interactive 1.5 product demos, pricing and more information, please contact

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