Honored for Spreadsheet Management Innovation

SAN JOSE, CA – December 4, 2019 – Incisive Software has been named a 2019 Best in Biz Awards winner. Incisive Concourse™ was selected as the Bronze winner in the Best New Product Feature of the Year – Enterprise Category.

Incisive’s spreadsheet management solution provides a modern, automated approach to managing spreadsheet risk. Concourse provides an enterprise-grade collaboration and controls environment for spreadsheets with a simple, user-friendly interface. It allows organizations to easily build reliable and scalable processes to ensure organizational compliance and eliminate risk inherent in an unmanaged environment. The new Managed Project feature within Concourse provides enterprises with a way to manage and monitor ‘boundless’ spreadsheets

Diane Robinette, CEO of Incisive, explains, “Increasingly stringent corporate governance is putting a spotlight back on spreadsheets. As a result, policies and procedures are more tightly defined to specifically address spreadsheets. However, the sheer volume and size of today’s spreadsheet have many organizations struggling to keep up. This is especially true when spreadsheets live outside of a controlled environment and are too numbered to be moved (or can’t be moved for various other reasons). We are honored to be recognized yet again for our continued efforts to minimize spreadsheet risk by solving this historically complex issue of boundless spreadsheets.”

The Managed Project feature enables organizations to tightly control spreadsheets that need to remain where they are currently stored (e.g., share drives). With each new revision (at check-in), a new copy of the spreadsheet is tracked within Concourse. This is an important breakthrough as previously enterprises have had little to no recourse against lost, corrupted or deleted spreadsheets (either accidental or intentional) – or visibility into changes made to spreadsheets – when residing outside of a controlled environment (e.g., share drives).

Concourse also allows enterprises to capture and store supporting project information of virtually any kind, including PDF, Excel, and Word, adding an additional layer of documentation/evidence to support compliance requirements. Supporting documents can be captured at both project and revision levels. Project level documents can evolve with the business needs while revision level is permanent for stricter change management. Concourse maintains a complete trail of who made changes, when and specifically what they did which greatly simplifies compliance management.

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About Incisive Software
Incisive Software provides award-winning spreadsheet risk intelligence solutions that identify, manage and reduce risk exposure in business-critical processes that use or interact with spreadsheets. Incisive employs a modern and automated approach to proactively and continuously manage the compliance, process and decision finding and then managing the risk embedded in business-critical spreadsheets.  For more information about Incisive and the company’s solutions, visit www.incisive.com.