Xcellerator 1.5 Helps Organizations More Quickly and Accurately Evaluate Risk with New Reports
Sunnyvale, Calif. (Business Wire) – April 27, 2011 – Incisive, a leading developer of enterprise-class spreadsheet analysis and management solutions, today released Xcellerator 1.5. Xcellerator 1.5 now supports Incisive customers that have migrated, or plan to migrate, to Microsoft Excel 2010. Version 1.5 also provides new reports to help organizations better evaluate their levels of spreadsheet risk. The Summary Report presents spreadsheet risk and potential liability metrics that may jeopardize an organization, such as complexity of formulas, volume of connections to other cells/worksheets/spreadsheets, volume of data and spreadsheet size. The Test Details Report lists the pertinent information from all 28 risk and error tests.
“It’s important that we support our customers’ migration to Microsoft Office 2010 because Xcellerator has become an integral part of how they use Excel,” said Diane Robinette for Incisive. “Our customers rely on Xcellerator to provide them with confidence in their spreadsheet information and reduce risk to their organizations. As a bonus, we’ve included more analysis and reporting features to fulfill audit and compliance reporting requirements.”
Xcellerator combines powerful error checking and investigative capabilities to effectively analyze spreadsheets. After applying 28 different tests to uncover errors and risks, Xcellerator leverages unique patented overlay technology to generate a color-coded heat map that displays errors within the spreadsheet and identifies hidden errors with greater accuracy than any other solution, even Microsoft Excel. The strength of Xcellerator lies in the extensive tests it produces, ranging from formula errors and risks in cell accuracy to hidden errors and external references, and listing errors by severity and likelihood to help identify “hot spots” where errors are most critical. Because Xcellerator delivers fast results and superior accuracy, spreadsheet reviewers can eliminate hours of laborious manual checking and management can be confident that material errors and possible fraud are avoided.
As with other Incisive products, Xcellerator and Microsoft Office Excel appear as one to the user and the integrity of the spreadsheet application is always maintained. Xcellerator 1.5 is compatible with Microsoft Excel 2003, 2007 and 2010 as well as Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. Xcellerator 1.5 complements other solutions in the Incisive product line, including Concourse, the new spreadsheet collaboration and control solution, and Validate, the leading spreadsheet auditing software. Xcellerator 1.5 is available today from Incisive by emailing info@incisive.com or visiting www.incisive.com.
About Incisive
Located in San Jose, California, Incisive offers a comprehensive suite of products designed to minimize spreadsheet risk. Incisive solutions target all types of spreadsheet use, from creation and maintenance to audit and control, so organizations can depend on the information for their financial and business decisions. Its unique patented overlay technology lets users make changes while maintaining the spreadsheet’s integrity. The company’s online offerings complement its interactive installable products. For more information, visit www.incisive.com.
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