Spreadsheet Risk Intelligence Solution Recognized for Excellence

SAN JOSE, CA – March 20, 2018 – For the fifth year in a row, Incisive has been named a winner in the Best New Version of the Year category. Incisive’s flagship spreadsheet risk intelligence product, Xcellerator, was selected as the 2017 Silver winner.

Xcellerator empowers end users to do their job more efficiently with a higher degree of accuracy. Developed for all levels of spreadsheet users, Xcellerator works seamlessly within Microsoft Excel to detect and resolve errors and risks and provide valuable insight into spreadsheet results.

“Spreadsheets continue to play an integral role in the day-to-day business operations of organizations around the world. The insight gained from spreadsheets help form key business decisions and is used for future planning,” said Diane Robinette, CEO of Incisive. “Given the high profile nature of spreadsheet data, accuracy is essential. Incisive is honored to be recognized yet again for our continued efforts to ensure spreadsheet data integrity and compliance.”

Developed for all levels of spreadsheet users, Xcellerator works seamlessly within Microsoft Excel to detect and resolve errors and risks and provide valuable insight into spreadsheet results. Xcellerator utilizes a patent-pending overlay technology to generate a color heat map that displays and notes potential errors for further examination. It is the only solution to accurately compare differences between spreadsheets while providing visibility into spreadsheet risk.

In this new version of Xcellerator, Incisive has added a unique Percentage Mode feature. This mode leverages Incisive’s overlay technology to highlight results by percentage change allowing users to quickly locate items with the largest impact for even greater protection against errors or potential fraudulent activity.

Incisive has also added the ability to filter results of ERP-generated spreadsheets which greatly simplifies analysis of spreadsheets. ERP-generated spreadsheets frequently contain custom functions which are important to the ERP system, but meaningless to the user.  This new feature gives users the confidence they won’t miss real problems that could be hidden in a sea of noise.

New support for site licenses has also been added which simplifies large deployments and makes it easier for customers to manage resources/users as their organization changes.

To learn more about Incisive’s spreadsheet management and risk intelligence technology please visit: Xcellerator

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About Incisive

Incisive provides award-winning spreadsheet risk intelligence solutions that identify, manage and reduce risk exposure in business critical processes that use or interact with spreadsheets. Incisive employs a modern and automated approach to proactively and continuously manage the compliance, process and decision risk embedded in business critical spreadsheets.  

About Diane Robinette

Diane RobinetteDiane Robinette is President and CEO at Incisive Software, a company helping risk executives reduce exposure in critical business and financial processes. Prior to Incisive, Diane served in executive and senior level positions at companies including BroadVision, Contivo (acquired by Liaison Technologies), Covigna (acquired by ProQuest/Snap-on), Perfect Commerce and Proximex (acquired by Tyco). She also held management positions at KPMG and EY. Diane believes that by taking a modern and automated approach, risk teams can move towards a risk resilient posture that allows them to anticipate and reduce exposure, no matter what is thrown their way.