Troubleshooting is Faster and More Accurate for Spreadsheet Developers

SAN JOSE, CA – June 20, 2018 – Incisive, a leading provider of spreadsheet risk intelligence solutions has expanded the capabilities of its Xcellerator technology with advanced, yet simple to use, troubleshooting capabilities. Finance, accounting, tax professionals and other spreadsheet owners can easily drill down into cells and understand why formulas are not calculating correctly or working as expected.

“Today’s announcement puts power back in the hands of the user,” said Diane Robinette, CEO of Incisive Software. “The people that create and maintain spreadsheets can quickly dig into their complex Excel formulas and confirm they were created properly, greatly increasing spreadsheet accuracy and integrity. In addition to reducing risk exposure, the accuracy achieved helps lay the foundation for good business decisions.”

Xcellerator was developed for all levels of spreadsheet users. It works seamlessly within Microsoft Excel to detect and highlight errors and risks, and provide valuable insight into spreadsheet meaning and results. Xcellerator utilizes a patent-pending overlay technology to generate a color heat map that displays and notes errors and potential risk for further examination.

Incisive has added new features to help users troubleshoot issues with a simple right-click of a mouse.

  • Referrer gives spreadsheet owners visibility into all cells referenced by formulas.
  • Inspect Formulas provides a deep dive into nested formula references – a single formula or all formulas of interest – so users can quickly see what is going on.

Incisive has also added three new tests.

  • Out of Bounds conducts a quick scan of a spreadsheet for cell references that are not in the working area.
  • Referrers and Inconsistent Referrers highlight cells being referenced by formulas in another cell. Additionally, Inconsistent Referrers look for cells that have differing formulas pointing to them.
  • Possible Nested Error highlights potential errors that are nested within complex formulas.

Incisive also introduced Color Picker which gives users the ability to select their own colors to highlight results.

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