Improved quality, productivity, visibility, and experience

Incisive Software Spreadsheet Management is a suite of connected applications that provides enterprises with essential visibility and control over their business-critical spreadsheet, open source (e.g., R, Python), low-code, and other end-user developed applications.




Xcellerator empowers spreadsheet users to efficiently do their jobs with a high degree of accuracy. Working seamlessly within Microsoft Excel®, Xcellerator detects and helps resolve errors and risk, as well as provides insight into spreadsheet construction.

Developed for all levels of spreadsheet users, Xcellerator allows organizations to:

  • Locate formula problems
  • Manage external references for completeness and accuracy
  • Discover hidden information
  • Gain visibility into spreadsheet structure

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continuous monitoring

change management

integration with ECM

Concourse offers an enterprise grade collaboration and controls environment with a simple, user-friendly interface. Easily build reliable and scalable processes that ensure organizational compliance and eliminate risk inherent in an unmanaged environment.

Managing spreadsheet (EUC) risk has never been easier. Concourse allows organizations to:

  • Monitor spreadsheet usage in near real-time to uncover risk
  • Manage change with revision control, check out/in, attachments,
    alerting comments to support control requirements
  • Use configurable alerts at the workbook level, down to the cell
    level to manage by exception
  • Demonstrate compliance with powerful reporting tools
  • Create and assign ad-hoc or pre-defined workflow

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risk ranking


Locator delivers fast, accurate and comprehensive discovery and risk
assessment of spreadsheets, open source, low-code, and other end-user developed applications. Using flexible and configurable user-defined attributes and priorities, Locator helps organizations identify their riskiest files/applications and offers visibility into their inherent risk.

Building and maintaining an up-to-date inventory has never been easier. Locator facilitates organizations to:

  • Discover critical spreadsheets and other end-user developed
    applications across the network
  • Filter and Search based on selected criteria and user-defined
    attributes; unique to Locator is the ability to use a spreadsheet
    as search criteria to find similar files/ applications
  • Schedule scans to maintain an always up-to-date inventory

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