DFAST/CCAR Stress Test Compliance

Regulators are maintaining pressure on firms to make steady progress in improving their capital planning processes. Model validation in stress testing is mandatory with increasing emphasis being put on core fundamentals such as data integrity, risk identification, and controls. Incisive software solutions enable banks to simplify and even accelerate the pace of the DFAST/CCAR compliance with software that:

  • Saves thousands of man hours with automation
  • Empowers better decisions with accurate and complete data
  • Provide real-time visibility and audit trail of spreadsheet changes
  • Secures documents and tracks revisions
  • Uncovers hidden information

Maintain Data Integrity

Data must be managed over its entire lifecycle. Models and the underlying data often reside in spreadsheets, but the accuracy and location of these files can be challenging. Ensuring data accuracy is paramount to regulator confidence and ultimately their approval. Incisive software provides the automated file location and error checking necessary to provide complete and accurate data for the models and regulators.

Improve Risk Identification in Stress Testing

Identifying hidden risk in data is a daunting task. Incisive software scans all spreadsheets and risk ranks them to easily surface areas of concern. Snapshots enable easy comparisons over time to track the organizations progress in remediating risk. Comprehensive reporting enables the quick communication for managers and regulators to feel confident in the progress.

Implement Proper Controls

To meet requirements, organizations need to place controls around models in Excel, and organizations as well as comprehensive reporting on revision history. This is generally a manual, time-consuming task prone to errors. Incisive greatly simplifies this process with automated access controls and revision tracking. Best of all end users can continue working in their familiar spreadsheet environments while still providing the documentation and controls necessary for regulatory approval.

Demonstrate Compliance

Incisive’s software offers comprehensive, easy-to-use reports to facilitate data collection and provide an audit trail of every modification to a workbook down to the cell level. Standard reports facilitate a quick start with custom reports available to cover specific needs as the organization matures.

Make DFAST Faster

Improve efficiencies and save time by adding Incisive software to your DFAST process. Spreadsheet management allows the organization to:

  • Feel confident that data is accurate
  • Control access and document changes
  • Provide regulators detailed reports
  • Reduce the time required for compliance activities

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