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Top 3 Business Trends You Need to Know Going into 2023


As we begin the new year, I’m reminded of the value of reflection. Whether professionally or personally, it’s helpful to look back to understand how to move forward. Questions like these can be difficult to answer yet are critical to building a solid plan:

  • What have we learned from last year?
  • What, if anything, would or should we change?
  • What data exists to help us understand where to start and where to go?

We get it. We’ve reflected on conversations with customers and prospects over the past year, and as we prepare for the new year, see clear business trends for 2023:

  • Spreadsheet usage continues to be pervasive, and as organizations continue to rely on them, they’re expanding their use of low-code and open-source development to the mix.
  • As IT departments continue to remain under pressure for IT talent, ongoing digitization projects are turning up pressure on existing resources.
  • The addition of these end-user/citizen-developed applications will also exasperate risk, to the point that Forrester predicts organizations with a formal data governance team will increase 30% in 2023.

As you settle into the new year, here are five quick reads supporting these trends to expand your mind, inspire your year, and spark your creativity! I hope you find them as fascinating as we did.

Gartner Forecasts Worldwide Low-Code Development Technologies Market to Grow 20% in 2023


“Gartner predicts that by 2026, developers outside formal IT departments will account for at least 80% of the user base for low-code development tools, up from 60% in 2021.”

How to Build a ‘Citizen Developer’ Workforce


“With a tech talent gap that’s expected to worsen in the next few years, organizations and business users are increasingly looking to low-code and no-code app development to fill digital transformation needs.”

5 Excel Data Analysis Tools to Know


“With so many data analytics tools out there, why use Excel? The answer is simple: Excel is the world’s most widely used spreadsheet program. It’s also easy to use and completely free.”

Top 10 Recession Proof Python Skills to Master in 2023


“Keeping track of the repeated changes that are made to the source code is extremely essential for developers. In fact, for certain companies, it is an important requirement.”

Top 10 Data Analytics Tools You Need to Know in 2023

“Data analysts should be skillful in carrying out Data mining, Statistical analysis, and Database Management Reporting.”

Here’s to a new year of knowledge, growth and success.

About Diane Robinette

Diane RobinetteDiane Robinette is President and CEO at Incisive Software, a company helping risk executives reduce exposure in critical business and financial processes. Prior to Incisive, Diane served in executive and senior level positions at companies including BroadVision, Contivo (acquired by Liaison Technologies), Covigna (acquired by ProQuest/Snap-on), Perfect Commerce and Proximex (acquired by Tyco). She also held management positions at KPMG and EY. Diane believes that by taking a modern and automated approach, risk teams can move towards a risk resilient posture that allows them to anticipate and reduce exposure, no matter what is thrown their way.