Top 3 Excel Functions You Need to Be Using Now

Top 3 Excel Functions You Need to Be Using Now

Excel does come with some functionality to help immediately reduce spreadsheet risk.  Taking a few minutes to learn to use the functionality could easily save time and costly mistakes later.

The top 3 Excel functions you need to know to reduce spreadsheet risk right now include:


Manually entering the SUBTOTAL() function can be time consuming on the most basic of spreadsheets, but when was the last time you worked on a basic spreadsheet?  Excel provides 11 different SUBTOTAL functions under the Data tab in Excel that can save time and reduce the potential for error and risk, especially in larger spreadsheets.

Array Formulas

An array formula is a formula that can perform multiple calculations on one or more of the items in a collection. Array formulas are pretty much the same as formulas, but they can do more complex tasks.

The key to creating an array formula is that you have to use CSE, or CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER to enter or edit an array formula.  This acts as a protective shield and means you can’t overwrite or change the contents of cells in an array formula, you can’t move or delete a portion of an array formula, and you can’t accidentally insert blank cells, or fat finger a change to a formula.

Index Match

Most people use VLOOKUPs for vertical lookups, but it’s worth it to take the time to learn how to create an Index Match formula. Why? Because unlike VLOOKUPs, Index Match works not just from left to right but also right to left, which means if you cut and paste to change the order of your columns, your resulting data maintains its integrity.

Our customers use Incisive’s product, Xcellerator to thoroughly review spreadsheets for potential error and risk, but these Excel functions will help reduce spreadsheet risk right away.  Add another weapon to your arsenal and sign up for a 7 day trial of Xcellerator.

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