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Cathay Bank LogoKnowing spreadsheets were being used by employees throughout their financial institution, Cathay Bank’s global risk management team decided to proactively find and manage all of their critical spreadsheets. Their goal was to find and prepare a detailed spreadsheet inventory, research ways to mitigate financial risk, address regulatory requirements, and have confidence in the integrity of spreadsheet data being used to make strategic business decisions.

Hear Kevin Moylan, VP Risk Management, discuss the strategies Cathay Bank used to reduce spreadsheet risk in their organization. You’ll learn how to:

  • Create an inventory of critical spreadsheets
  • Categorize spreadsheets by risk
  • Ensure spreadsheets are managed on an ongoing basis
  • Report on reduced risk in the organization to executives

About the Speaker

kevin moylan

Kevin Moylan
VP, Risk Management at Cathay Bank

With a background in IT and his current role in Risk Management, Kevin provides valuable insight into what it takes to develop a spreadsheet risk management program.


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