Wishing for a 2016 Without Spreadsheet Shame

While many financial applications have been launched over the years touting their ability to “rid companies of error-prone spreadsheets,” it seems we are no closer to giving spreadsheets up. So why continue to shame those of us who use them?

In 2015, Excel celebrated its 30th birthday, a remarkable feat considering for the past 10-plus years we’ve been regularly hearing about Excel’s likely demise. In fact, according to recent research from Forrester, the majority of organizations (63 percent) still build most (more than 50 percent) of their business intelligence applications based on desktop tools, such as spreadsheets. These statistics confirm what many already know, but don’t want to admit: Spreadsheets are still widely used today.

Excel spreadsheets have stood the test of time because they continue to provide the flexibility that accounting departments need and accountants require. There is no waiting for IT to make changes to systems, no workarounds necessary, and no compromises. For complex calculations where data is continually changing and those that require the use of cell functions, Excel is often the (secret) go-to tool to get the job done.

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