Control Enterprise Risk of Critical Spreadsheets

Incisive Concourse™ software offers an enterprise-grade collaboration and controls environment with a simple, user-friendly interface. Easily build reliable and scalable processes that ensure organizational compliance and eliminate risk inherent in an unmanaged environment.

Managing spreadsheet risk has never been easier. Concourse software allows organizations to:

    • Monitor spreadsheet usage in real-time to uncover risk
    • Demonstrate compliance with powerful reporting tools
    • Facilitate collaboration to ensure data integrity
    • Manage changes with customizable alerting at the worksheet or even cell level
    • Create and assign workflows

ControlsManagement and Controls Made Easy

Concourse software provides complete visibility and enables just the right amount of process for your organization. It supports rigorous controls of a spreadsheet down to simple monitoring of activity. Concourse safely stores all data in Excel format to allow organizations to maintain their current workflow while implementing necessary controls.

ComplianceSimplify Compliance Management

Getting the numbers right is only the first step. Proving that the underlying data is reliable is often a bigger challenge. Concourse maintains a complete trail of who made changes, when and specifically what they did. This streamlines management and greatly expedites both internal and external audits.

TeamWork Together as a Team

Sharing documents can be challenging, keeping everyone working together can be impossible. Shared projects coupled with check-in and check-out processes ensure the team is acting as a cohesive unit and not working on top of each other.

NotifiedGet Notified When You Need It

Keeping abreast of changes is time consuming, but being notified every time a minor update is made gets annoying quickly. Concourse allows you to set customized alerts to be notified at the macro level if a sheet is changed or at a very granular level if a value has changed by a specified percentage.

WorkflowsSimple Workflows Get the Job Done

Quickly assign tasks or approve changes in an easy-to-use workflow process. Create the workflow you need to satisfy the needs of your organization, Easily manage and track the life-cycle of a document with the Concourse software.

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