End-User Computing (EUC) Risks: A Comprehensive Guide

End-User Computing (EUC) Risks: A Comprehensive Guide

This document discusses the importance and risks associated with End-User Computing (EUC) tools such as spreadsheets, low-code/no-code and generative AI applications that have become integral to business operations.

With the rise of new EUC alternatives, the risks to business data have increased substantially. It emphasizes the need to understand and mitigate these risks, ensuring end-users are well-educated on them. The guide delves into:

  • Historical Perspective: The longstanding challenges businesses face with EUC tools, particularly with managing data inconsistencies.
  • Emerging Concerns: The introduction of new technologies, such as low-code/no-code tools and AI-powered EUC solutions, and regulations beyond GDPR, increasing the potential risks.
  • Action Points: Detailed steps on managing and mitigating EUC risks, from understanding deployments to ensuring the highest security and data quality standards.
  • Risk Management Framework: A comprehensive approach to establish a standardized EUC risk management framework, ensuring data protection and educating users about the potential threats and their role in risk mitigation.

For anyone keen on ensuring the utmost data accuracy and minimizing EUC risks, this guide is an essential read.


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