Concourse Platform for
Risk Management

The Concourse Platform

The Concourse platform is the foundation of Incisive Analytics Essentials. It brings together your governance and management of spreadsheets, open-source software, and low-code/no-code deployments, providing a “single pane of glass” to oversee these important assets. It also employs the Concourse Application Programming Interface (API), which enables seamless monitoring of your Microsoft Excel spreadsheets within any enterprise content management (ECM) or file-sharing system, including Box, Documentum, Google Drive, OneDrive, and SharePoint.

Risk Management Best Practices

From a common dashboard, you can discover where these resources are in use, filter, and group them by type and other criteria. Concourse helps you quickly identify and locate risk-inducing duplications, errors, and insecurities.

Concourse provides the single point of control, knowledge, and management to maximize business agility and opportunity while minimizing and mitigating risks associated with spreadsheets, low-code/no-code and open-source applications, and open-source tools. With Concourse and Incisive Analytics Essentials, you will gain complete, consistent knowledge, visibility, and control over these ever-expanding resources.

Mitigate Risk. Accelerate Innovation. Grow Opportunities. With Incisive Software.