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Manage Spreadsheet Risk with Analytics Essentials

Our customers often need help knowing where their spreadsheets are located, how they are being used, and when, where, and by whom changes are being made, and not knowing exposes companies to huge risks.

Executive leadership needs visibility into whether their policies and internal controls are being met.

Incisive Xcellerator, part of Incisive Analytics Essentials, addresses these challenges consistently and effectively. Xcellerator empowers spreadsheet users to work accurately and efficiently while helping them avoid errors and risks.

A unique feature of Xcellerator is its patented overlay technology. This uses color and shading to draw users’ attention to what is important. In addition, the features of Xcellerator appear to users as additional Excel menu choices, as easily accessible as core Excel features. Working seamlessly within Excel, Xcellerator identifies and helps to resolve errors, mitigate risk, and provide insight into spreadsheet construction, with no custom development required.

Works inside Excel and within your current workflows for ease of use and rapid adoption.

Quickly highlights potential risks and errors via a patented, seamless overlay.

Includes more than 60 out-of-the-box tests and the ability to configure an unlimited number of custom tests.

Supports multiple comparison options, including workbooks, sheets, snapshots, pivot tables, macros, named ranges, mass data,
% change, and
% difference.

Delivers comprehensive reporting for robust documentation.

Benefits of a Spreadsheet Risk Management Platform

While Xcellerator empowers individual spreadsheet creators and users, Incisive Analytics Essentials delivers the visibility and oversight management that executives need without needing custom software development.

Know What You Have

Know What Changes

Manage and Protect

Incisive Analytics Essentials will help your organization manage and protect its spreadsheets and the critical data they contain while making your spreadsheet creators and users more efficient and effective. Incisive Analytics Essentials will help transform spreadsheet risk into greater business agility and value.

Provides security and asset protection for all of your most critical Excel spreadsheets, down to the individual sheet level.

Includes access control to enforce established permissions and version control for tighter oversight and more robust change management.

Improves collaboration with workflow support.

Protects proprietary and sensitive information maintained in spreadsheets to retain institutional knowledge and prevent unauthorized user access.

Mitgate Risk. Accelerate Innovation.
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