Gain Confidence in Spreadsheet Results

Incisive Xcellerator™ software empowers end users to efficiently do their jobs with a high degree of accuracy. Working seamlessly within Microsoft Excel, Xcellerator detects and helps resolve errors and risk, as well as providing insight into spreadsheet construction.

Developed for all levels of spreadsheet users, Xcellerator software allows organizations to:

    • Locate formula problems
    • Manage external references for completeness and access
    • Discover hidden information
    • Gain visibility into spreadsheet structure


If you have specific areas of concern like formula errors; hidden pages, rows and cells; currency errors; number formatted as text; or referencing blank cells, Xcellerator can help.

DataData Accuracy

Spreadsheets are used for critical business decisions and therefore need to be reliable. Errors, fraud and out-of-date external references can skew results and cause bad decisions to be made. Xcellerator ensures error free data that can be relied upon to make good decisions.

RobustRobust Test Environment

The strength of Xcellerator lies in its extensive tests, ranging from formula errors and risks in cell accuracy to hidden error and broken regions. Xcellerator delivery fast results with superior accuracy so spreadsheet reviewers can eliminate hours of laborious manual checking and management can be confident that material errors and possible fraud are avoided.

SpreadsheetSpreadsheet Comparison

Xcellerator is the only solution to accurately compare differences between spreadsheets. Identify data changes as well as structural changes in a document, such as inserting, moving or deleting columns. Go beyond the basics and see what the changes have affected in other cells or worksheets to get a true sense of the impact of the difference.

ReportingComprehensive Reporting

Generate standard or configurable reports to track identified problems and document their remediation. The Excel-based reports easily print or email for internal management or to satisfy audit and compliance reporting requirements.

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