Case Study

Xcellerator Drastically Reduces Labor Costs for Financial Services Firm

The partner recognized the importance of the firm’s mission that all information be validated, no matter where it originated. Xcellerator allowed this partner to provide his client with sound business advice based on correct financial information and, in the process, saved his firm significant time and money in labor costs.

Case Study

Xcellerator Empowers Internal Audit to Verify Complex Spreadsheet Data

This financial institution prides itself on delivering unique solutions and its experienced managers work hard to build exceptional client relationships. Personal reliability and responsibility are core values for this institution, and these values are taken seriously within its internal audit department.

Video Demo

Xcellerator demo

Watch this video to learn how Xcellerator easily scans for spreadsheet errors with a patent-pending overlay technology within Microsoft Excel.

Video Demo

Locator demo

See first hand how snapshots work within Locator, Incisive’s software for quickly and easily finding spreadsheets in your network.


Getting to Risk Resilient Webinar

How can risk executives avoid the pitfalls of maintaining outdated processes, operations and approaches, and move towards a more modern – and resilient -- risk management posture?


Locator datasheet

Are your organization’s spreadsheets too spread out to see the big picture? It’s quick and easy to create an inventory of spreadsheets with Locator.

Executive Brief

Managing Spreadsheet Risks in Tax Provisioning

Even innocent and inadvertent tax errors in spreadsheets can cause significant corporate heartburn when they flag the attention of the IRS. This brief outlines how implementing spreadsheet controls on tax-related documents can help you avoid this headache.

Executive Brief

A CRO Guide: The Path to Risk Resilience

Spreadsheets are one of the biggest risk exposures businesses have today, and implementing spreadsheet management and governance is a top priority for risk executives. This brief provides an overview of how to move from risk reactive to Risk Resilient™.