Join Ally Financial and Signature Bank on Mitigating Spreadsheet Risk

Most organizations still use and rely on highly complex and specialized spreadsheets to support critical business processes. However, these spreadsheets inherently carry risk, and business professionals struggle to identify, manage, and reduce the risk embedded in these spreadsheets due to manual processes and homegrown solutions.

Watch our webinarCritical Success Factors for Mitigating Spreadsheet Risk: Key Insights from Ally Financial and Signature Bank, featuring Deepa Ghosh, Head of Qualified Analytical Tools Validation, Ally Financial and Janine Jakubauskas, Financial Regulatory Manager, Signature Bank as they discuss best practices for identifying and addressing spreadsheet risk within critical business processes. You’ll learn:

  • The importance of identifying risks in your critical business processes, and the impact spreadsheets have on them.
  • Case studies: How banks are using technology to identify and manage spreadsheet risk, and quickly achieve scalability
  • The impact of avoiding spreadsheet risk management policies, practices and solutions
  • Why modernizing your approach can help you anticipate and reduce your risk exposure

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