Incisive Software Enhances Low-Code/No-Code and Microsoft Excel Solutions for Enhanced Visibility and Control

CAMPBELL, CA – July 19, 2023 – Incisive Software, a leading provider of innovative data management solutions, announces the rollout of extensive enhancements to its Low-Code/No-Code and Microsoft Excel solutions. These improvements, part of the Incisive Analytics Essentials suite, significantly strengthen security measures, streamline access control procedures, and enhance the management of EUC deployments.

“We are solidifying our dedication to supporting organizations with secure and trustworthy data management solutions with our new enhancements,” stated Tony Bredehoeft, vice president of sales at Incisive Software. “These updates bring advanced security features, access controls, and comprehensive management capabilities, empowering organizations to maintain the highest level of data integrity, compliance, and operational efficiency.”

Incisive Analytics Essentials brings these enhancements to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets:

Digital Signature: This offers an informational digital signature feature for easy recognition of Concourse projects and quick access to revision details. In addition, it also tracks file changes, providing real-time alerts for unauthorized alterations and enhancing data security.

Asset Protection: This safeguard ensures that only authorized Concourse users can access downloaded or published Excel files, substantially reducing the risk of unauthorized access. With file-level password protection and workbook structure protection, it offers a flexible and tailored defense against unauthorized tampering.

Sheet-level Access Management: This allows granular control of permissions at the sheet level, enhancing data confidentiality. It also grants customized access privileges to project members, promoting secure collaboration and transparent data management.

For Low-Code/No-Code applications, the Incisive Analytics Essentials suite offers:

Enhanced File Discovery: With customizable file types, organizations can identify low-code/no-code files accurately, ensuring better visibility and management of applications.

Improved File Filtering: This simplifies the identification of specific low-code/no-code files, making the management and maintenance of applications more efficient.

Real-time Monitoring: This provides up-to-date visibility into any changes to low-code/no-code files, allowing for prompt issue resolution and data integrity maintenance.

Controlled Check-in and Workflow: This feature facilitates seamless teamwork and ensures the most recent and accurate versions of applications are available to the right individuals.

These comprehensive upgrades will bolster businesses in making data-driven decisions, minimize data errors and mismanagement risks, and provide the tools to successfully navigate today’s data-centric landscape.

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About Incisive Software:

At Incisive Software, we’re committed to helping organizations build a strong foundation for success based on accurate and trustworthy data. With the growing reliance on citizen-developed applications, low-code/no-code and open-source tools, and complex spreadsheets, data errors and mismanagement risks have become greater than ever. We’re dedicated to providing innovative solutions that empower organizations to reduce their exposure to these risks, improve data quality and enable confident decision-making. By combining automation, modern technologies, and proven practices, our solutions bring greater accuracy, control, and insight to the management of an organization’s most complex, critical, and sensitive data resources. To learn more about Incisive Analytics Essentials, visit


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