You Can’t Manage
What You Don’t Know

Does Your Business Face Risks You Don’t Know About?

In business, ignorance is risk. not bliss.

When it comes to risks to your business, three of the most challenging
words you can hear or say are “I don’t know.” Want proof?

What people or teams are using open-source tools that your IT team knows nothing about?

How many “citizen developers” use low-code/no-code tools to build and run applications?

How many spreadsheets are driving critical decisions across your business right now?

If your answer to any or all of these questions is “I don’t know,” you need Incisive Software.

Incisive Analytics Essentials can help you transform risks into opportunities for growth,
by helping to ensure you can trust the data that drives your decisions.

The Solution:

Incisive Analytics Essentials

The Concourse platform, the foundation of the Incisive solution, reduces the risks posed by unmanaged spreadsheets, open-source, and low-code/no-code deployments. Concourse enables consolidated discovery, identification, and management of these critical resources. These benefits make your data more trustworthy, by helping to ensure you can trust the data that drives your decisions.


Low-Code/No-Code and Open-Source Risk Management

Low-code/no-code and open-source are popular in enterprises for their benefits and faster time-to-value. But without proper controls, they pose risks to your data and company. Incisive Analytics Essentials mitigates these risks by monitoring deployments, identifying changes, and enforcing access control, easing IT burden.

Spreadsheet Risk

Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheets are vital for many businesses to make critical decisions, but they also come with risks that can harm a company's revenue and reputation. Incisive Analytics Essentials can identify, manage, and mitigate those risks by enforcing internal controls consistently and effectively.

Incisive offers a solution that provides a suite of tools with the scale and flexibility we need. The user experience was the best of the products we evaluated. And the service from the Incisive team has been outstanding.
Senior Pricing Actuary – Safety National
A specialty insurance and reinsurance firm with more than $200B in assets

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