Enhancing Data Governance and Analytics with Alteryx: Incisive Software Joins Partner Program

In a move that further strengthens its commitment to empowering organizations with innovative risk and analytics management solutions, Incisive Software is excited to announce its partnership with Alteryx, a leading provider of data analytics platforms. Organizations can elevate their data analytics capabilities by combining the power of Incisive Analytics Essentials with Alteryx workflows, ensuring effective governance and risk mitigation.

“The business criticality of accurate, trustworthy data has never been greater, and the threats and challenges to achieving that goal are growing rapidly in number and sophistication,” stated Tony Bredehoeft, SVP of Sales and Business Development at Incisive Software. “The Incisive team is thrilled to partner with Alteryx and looks forward to helping Alteryx customers minimize risks and maximize the value and trustworthiness of their most critical data.”

Incisive Analytics Essentials offers a range of benefits specifically tailored for enterprises utilizing Alteryx, empowering them to fully leverage the platform’s potential. By incorporating Incisive Analytics Essentials with Alteryx workflows, organizations can realize significant value and trust in their data with the following features:

Amplify Data Governance: With robust governance capabilities, Incisive Analytics Essentials enables Alteryx users and management to enhance strong data guardrails. They can enforce data access controls, implement compliance standards, and protect sensitive information, ensuring data security and regulatory compliance.

Mitigate Risk: Incisive Analytics Essentials provides proactive risk management features that help Alteryx users identify and mitigate risks associated with data analysis and decision-making. Real-time monitoring and alerts allow users to promptly detect and address potential changes and issues, minimizing errors and safeguarding their organization’s reputation and risk exposure.

Enhance Compliance: Simplifying compliance management, Incisive Analytics Essentials facilitates audit trails, documentation, and reporting. Alteryx users can demonstrate adherence to data governance frameworks, internal policies, and external regulations, promoting transparency, instilling confidence, and meeting compliance requirements simply and effectively.

Streamline Data Management: With centralized data monitoring and management capabilities, Incisive Analytics Essentials protects Alteryx workflows, providing confidence and risk mitigation across the enterprise landscape. Users can efficiently organize, store, and access these analytic assets, fostering collaboration, data sharing, and version control. This centralized approach enhances data consistency, reduces duplication, and optimizes resource utilization.

As reliance on citizen-developed applications, low-code/no-code tools, open-source software, and complex spreadsheets continues to grow, the risk of data errors and mismanagement becomes increasingly significant. Incisive Software is dedicated to helping organizations establish a solid foundation for success by ensuring accurate and trustworthy data. Through innovative solutions that combine automation, modern technologies, and proven practices, Incisive empowers organizations to mitigate these risks, improve data quality, and make confident decisions.

To learn more about Incisive Software, please visit www.incisive.com. With the partnership between Incisive and Alteryx, organizations can take their data governance and analytics capabilities to new heights, enabling them to drive business growth and achieve greater success in today’s data-driven world.


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