Incisive Software Announces Incisive Analytics Essentials for Low-Code/No-Code and Open Source Deployments.

Incisive Software has recently launched a new solution called Incisive Analytics Essentials that aims to provide visibility and control for low-code/no-code and open-source deployments. With the rise of these platforms, businesses can quickly create valuable business solutions. However, deploying these systems without proper management or oversight can pose significant risks to organizations. Incisive Analytics Essentials offers management and oversight that can ensure compliance with operational requirements, mitigate risks, and provide consistent trustworthiness.

The Concourse platform, the foundation and command center for Incisive Analytics Essentials, provides a single point of control, knowledge, and management, allowing businesses to monitor and oversee their assets consistently and agilely. The solution also offers flexible asset management, alerts and notifications, workflow support, and comprehensive reporting, providing businesses with everything they need to manage their assets securely and effectively.

One of the highlights of this new solution is the change management and continuous monitoring feature. The Concourse allows centralized access to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, low-code/no-code, and open-source analytic assets based on permissions, ensuring consistent and agile monitoring and oversight. Version control, revision control, change tracking, and revision comparison features provide visibility into changes over time, ensuring that users are working with the latest version of each asset.

Access control is also made easy with Concourse, whether users work online or offline. Single sign-on via Microsoft Active Directory integration allows for greater security and control. With a comprehensive audit trail, users can see who checked out or downloaded an asset and when they did so, providing the accountability and transparency that enterprises need.

The solution also offers flexible asset management, allowing users to associate each asset with a monitored or managed project based on business needs. Monitored projects provide visibility into less-critical assets, while managed assets must be checked out and checked in and can be moved from network drives to the Concourse Repository.

Alerts and notifications are also available to inform users of new projects and revisions via subscription-based emails and RSS feed alerts. The workflow support feature streamlines work and increases efficiency, with the option of ad-hoc or predefined workflows and attestation to require users to acknowledge and accept customized language prior to submitting for approval.

Lastly, the comprehensive reporting feature provides clear, actionable information about Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, low-code/no-code, and open-source analytic assets. Reports can be customized and filtered by projects, workflows, or other administrative criteria, saved as favorites, and exported to CSV or HTML formats.

With the growing reliance on citizen-developed applications, low-code/no-code, and open-source tools, and complex spreadsheets, the risks of data errors and mismanagement have become greater than ever before. Incisive Software is dedicated to providing innovative solutions that empower organizations to reduce their exposure to these risks, improve data quality, and enable confident decision-making.

Incisive Analytics Essentials is an excellent solution for businesses that rely on low-code/no-code and open-source platforms. With the features and benefits offered by the solution, businesses can reduce their exposure to risks, improve data quality, and make confident decisions.


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