Safety National Reports Significant Efficiency Gains from Incisive Spreadsheet Management

The Challenge

Safety National is a leading specialty insurance and reinsurance provider. Their actuarial team creates and maintains sophisticated models to assist with risk calculations, valuations, and pricing, and easily works on hundreds of spreadsheets each year. A new model being developed for underwriters to use in pricing business highlighted the challenges with testing spreadsheet-based models. Given the large size of the model and small size of the pricing division, they needed a more efficient, reliable way to review and test model changes.

How Incisive Helps

The actuarial team selected Incisive Software’s spreadsheet management solution to serve as a control mechanism for critical spreadsheets, providing Safety National with holistic visibility into spreadsheets across their organization, making change management easier and more attainable.

Read the case study to learn how Incisive:

  • Provided a higher degree of confidence that critical spreadsheet data is accurate and consistent
  • Improved ability to ensure spreadsheet controls are being met
  • Empowered the actuarial team to do their job more efficiently

“Incisive offers a solution that provides a suite of tools with the scale and flexibility we need. The user experience was the best of the products we evaluated. And the service from the Incisive team has been outstanding.” —Leslie Martin, Senior Pricing Actuary at Safety National


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