CeFPro Research Report Effective Spreadsheet Management

A custom study sponsored by Incisive Software

The benefits of using a spreadsheet management program are real.

Companies that have gone down the path to implementation have received clear, measurable rewards, validating their investment. For those who’ve not decided to implement a spreadsheet management program, it’s important to review the key benefits summarized in this report. The clear, proven results outlined by current users should act as an influencer for future investments in a spreadsheet management program.

Download the report to better understand the implementation levels of spreadsheet management programs across the financial industry. You’ll also learn the full range of benefits a spreadsheet program can provide.

Key Report Takeaways

  • Understanding the spreadsheet management landscape
  • Current state of spreadsheet management programs
  • Anticipated expectations of efficiency
  • Expectations and benefits delivered
  • Building the internal business case


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