Incisive Software Announces the Launch of Xcellerator for Alteryx for Low-Code, No-Code Workflows

CAMPBELL, CA – December 12, 2023 – Incisive Software, a leader in Risk and Analytics software solutions, is pleased to share the exciting news of a new product launch: Xcellerator for Alteryx – an out-of-the-box connector that seamlessly integrates Excel spreadsheet testing within Alteryx Designer workflows, automating the processes of testing and risk analysis of Excel assets.

“We’re excited to bring Incisive Software’s comprehensive insights for Excel spreadsheets into the low- code, no-code world with a direct connector, usable within Alteryx workflows”, said Tony Bredehoeft, Senior Vice President of Sales. “By nature, spreadsheets are not going away and are a critical part of enterprise decision making, thus growing the need for automated spreadsheet testing and data accuracy within low-code, no-code, open-source tools and workflows for tighter controls and risk mitigation.”

About Incisive Xcellerator for Alteryx

Incisive’s Xcellerator for Alteryx Designer is a headless, ready-to-use application, which enables the testing and analysis of Excel spreadsheets directly within an Alteryx workflow. This Xcellerator connector sits within the same drag-and-drop Alteryx workbench for ease of use in incorporating directly into and within Alteryx workflow execution.

Key features include Xcellerator as a simple drag-and-drop tool accessible within Alteryx Designer’s tool ribbon for ease of use, the ability to incorporate up to 53 Xcellerator tests for Excel spreadsheet analysis and validation, an ability to utilize a number of files as data inputs, and comprehensive error reporting including error anchors with metadata for successful and failed analyzed files.

Given the abundance of low-code, no-code applications being used in the workplace outside of the IT umbrella, it is more important than ever for management to gain visibility and control over business-critical data. Incisive’s Xcellerator solution, now combined with Xcellerator for Alteryx, provides the tools to reach accuracy in Excel spreadsheets, ensuring trustworthy data. Incisive’s partnership with Alteryx and integration with their industry-leading low-code, no-code platform broadens the ability to pull accessible spreadsheet information while ensuring data accuracy, a growing requirement across the enterprise today.

About Incisive Software

Incisive Software is committed to building a strong foundation for success based on accurate and trustworthy data. With the growing reliance on citizen-developed applications, low-code, no-code and open-source tools, data errors and mismanagement of data risks have become greater than ever. We are dedicated to providing innovative solutions that empower organizations to reduce their exposure to these risks, improve data quality and enable confident decision-making. By combining automation, modern technologies, and proven practices, our solutions bring greater accuracy, control, and insight to the management of an organization’s most complex, critical, and sensitive data resources. To learn more about Incisive Software Solutions, visit


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