Kaiser Aluminum: Increased Confidence in Spreadsheet Data Accelerates the Pace of Business

The Challenge

Kaiser Aluminum is a leading producer of aluminum mill products for major suppliers and manufacturers in the aerospace, automotive and industrial markets. Spreadsheets are frequently used by the corporate group, accounting, internal and external audit groups, and throughout operations at the various plants. The internal audit team needed to verify data within extremely complicated spreadsheets and streamline a time-consuming manual review process.

How Incisive Helps

The internal audit team selected Incisive Software’s spreadsheet management solution to serve as a control mechanism for critical spreadsheets, providing Kaiser Aluminum with a significantly easier, faster, and reliable way to check the integrity of spreadsheet data.

Read the case study and find out how Incisive helped Kaiser Aluminum:

  • Increase confidence in spreadsheet data
  • Accelerate response time to business and address risk at a faster rate
  • Increase efficiency with a higher level of accuracy
  • Obtain a more detailed level of analysis to inform decision-making
“Incisive is a valuable quality control mechanism and a preventative process versus an after-the-fact review. It gives us peace of mind and confidence in our spreadsheets.”

—Jonathan (Jon) Forte, Kaiser Aluminum – Corporate, Vice President, Internal Audit


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