Construction Management: Incisive Helps Confirm Intricate Web of Data in Inherited Spreadsheets

The Challenge

When a senior manager at a privately-held construction management firm inherited several spreadsheets for a client project, he instinctively knew some of the data was incorrect but couldn’t pinpoint the issues. Unfortunately, the previous manager had left the company so there was no available history about the spreadsheets. In the end, it took this senior manager six weeks to completely review the details, make corrections and “work out the bugs.” Today, this manager oversees more than 25 outside consultants and “deals with lots of numbers” for public projects. His responsibilities include reviewing extremely detailed budget spreadsheets and scenario estimates for each of 26 locations. Not only are the budget and scenario estimate spreadsheets linked together but each one is linked to its own summary overview spreadsheet, so any mistake in the data could play a significant part in the “go/no go” results for a project.

How Incisive Helps

  • Reduce spreadsheet review time from 8 hours to 15 minutes
  • Confirm the interconnected spreadsheets function worked appropriately
  • Provide confidence that spreadsheets created by others were, and will be correct


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