Incisive Software Introduces New Capabilities to its Concourse Software, Advancing Spreadsheet Security and Asset Protection

CAMPBELL, CA – October 24, 2022 –

Incisive Software Corporation, a leading provider of spreadsheet (EUC) management applications empowering enterprises with the essential visibility and controls necessary to identify and mitigate risk, today introduced new capabilities to Concourse™ software that advance spreadsheet security and asset protection.

Concourse provides organizations with enterprise-grade collaboration and increased controls that assures organizational compliance and eliminates the risks inherent in an unmanaged environment. New features, expected to be available in Q1 2023, will advance the ability to protect and restrict access to proprietary and sensitive information maintained in spreadsheets from leaving the company.

Concourse’s new asset protection capabilities will include features that ensure:

  • Spreadsheets opened by an unauthorized user will be rendered inoperative.
  • Access to proprietary information will be restricted at the workbook and/or sheet level to full access, read-only access, or no access.
  • Audit trail feature will be expanded to include downloads and opens that show details of who, what, and when.

In addition, organizations will benefit from:

  • Increased security and control of the organization’s spreadsheet assets.
  • Retention of ownership (digital rights).
  • A secure and flexible environment for authorized users to work on-line or off-line.

“Proprietary data is very often maintained in spreadsheets and theft or acts of corporate espionage can not only cost a company their competitive advantage and significant economic loss, but lead to further data breaches,” said Diane Robinette, CEO of Incisive Software. “Many organizations struggle to know where their spreadsheets are located, how they are being used, and whether changes are being made. Executive leadership needs visibility into whether their policies and internal controls are being met.

“It is critical that spreadsheets don’t leave the organization vulnerable, and our new security and asset protection features coming to Concourse early next year will offer organizations a scenario that prevents individuals from accessing certain spreadsheets,” added Robinette.

About Incisive Software Corporation

Incisive Software provides spreadsheet (EUC) management applications that empower enterprises to identify and mitigate spreadsheet risk, resulting in reduced risk exposure and improved data quality. Incisive takes a modern, automated approach to achieve greater accuracy and control over, and insight into an organization’s complex, sensitive, and critical spreadsheets by providing reliable and consistent information so companies can trust the data that drives their business. 


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