Incisive Empowers the Largest U.S. Car Financing Company to Gain Greater Control Over Spreadsheet Risk

The Challenge

This bank holding company includes the largest car financing company in the U.S., serving 18K+ dealers and more than 4 million customers. The bank’s Validation team needed a way to increase the depth of spreadsheet review to support an updated Spreadsheet Risk and Validation program, all within a 6-month timeframe.

How Incisive Helps

Since deploying Incisive’s spreadsheet management solution, the Validation team has a level of confidence they never imagined possible. Now, the bank has a much more thorough spreadsheet validation program, and the team has been able to accomplish a sustainable, risk commensurate validation program without impacting the team size.

Read the case study and find out how Incisive helped this bank holding company:

  • Roll out a thorough risk commensurate validation review for the bank’s high-risk spreadsheets, mitigating the threat of reputational and financial risk associated with inaccurate data
  • Achieve a higher level of confi­dence that critical spreadsheet data is consistent and accurate
  • Enable the Validation team to do their job more efficiently.
“What sets Incisive apart from the other systems is its inter­active capabilities. The software does so much more than detect errors… it provides an easy way to drill down into cells to see why formulas are not calculating correctly or working as expected…there is no guess work, no digging around.”

— The bank’s Head of Qualified Analytical Tools Validation


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