Forrester Opportunity Snapshot: Spreadsheet Risk Management

Spreadsheets power many critical financial, revenue, and risk related activities. While many recognize that spreadsheets carry risk, most don’t know where to begin to mitigate risk.

In this Forrester Opportunity Snapshot research report, you’ll learn:

  • Top challenges organizations face in identifying and managing spreadsheet risk
  • How spreadsheet risk carries real implications for not only employees but customers and shareholders
  • Strategies to start mitigating spreadsheet risk
  • How modern, automated spreadsheet management solutions provide organizations with a deeper trust in their data and reduced risk exposure


About Diane Robinette

Diane RobinetteDiane Robinette is President and CEO at Incisive Software, a company helping risk executives reduce exposure in critical business and financial processes. Prior to Incisive, Diane served in executive and senior level positions at companies including BroadVision, Contivo (acquired by Liaison Technologies), Covigna (acquired by ProQuest/Snap-on), Perfect Commerce and Proximex (acquired by Tyco). She also held management positions at KPMG and EY. Diane believes that by taking a modern and automated approach, risk teams can move towards a risk resilient posture that allows them to anticipate and reduce exposure, no matter what is thrown their way.