Incisive Software Becomes Alteryx Technology Partner

Combined Solutions to Strengthen Data Governance and Drive Informed Decision-Making for Organizations

CAMPBELL, CA – July 11, 2023 – Incisive Software, a leading innovative risk and analytics management solutions provider, announced today that it has joined the Alteryx partner community as a Technology Partner. This collaboration aims to enhance data governance practices and enable organizations to make informed decisions confidently. By leveraging Incisive Analytics Essentials with Alteryx workflows, enterprises elevate their data analytics capabilities, ensuring effective governance and risk mitigation while driving improved data integrity and business outcomes.

Alteryx partners bring value to customers from pre-sales and planning to integrating Alteryx and optimizing performance. The partnership empowers analytics for all, helping knowledge workers across business users, analysts, and data scientists find insights faster and create business breakthroughs. Alteryx makes it easy to connect and clean data from almost any source, join that data together, then perform predictive, statistical, and spatial analytics – all in the same code-free or code-friendly environment.

 “As business users require faster, easier access to analytics, Alteryx is building a powerhouse group of partners to meet the growing market need,” said Paula Hansen, president and CRO, Alteryx. “We are excited to welcome Incisive Software as an Alteryx technology partner to join us in pursuit of our goal to empower every customer to make more informed data-driven decisions across the enterprise.”

“The business criticality of accurate, trustworthy data has never been greater, and the threats and challenges to achieving that goal are growing rapidly in number and sophistication,” said Tony Bredehoeft, SVP of sales and business development at Incisive Software. “The Incisive team is thrilled to partner with Alteryx and looks forward to helping customers minimize risks and maximize the value and trustworthiness of their most critical data.”

About Incisive Software

Incisive Software is dedicated to helping organizations establish a solid foundation for success by ensuring accurate and trustworthy data. As reliance on citizen-developed applications, low-code/no-code tools, open-source software, and complex spreadsheets grows, data errors and mismanagement risks have become more significant. Incisive provides innovative solutions that empower organizations to mitigate these risks, improve data quality, and make confident decisions. Combining automation, modern technologies, and proven practices, Incisive Software solutions deliver greater accuracy, control, and insight in managing complex, critical, and sensitive data resources.

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