Generative AI: Its Risk to Your Enterprise’s Data and How to Tame Them


Are you concerned about the growing risk that generative AI and other low-code/no-code technologies pose to your enterprise’s critical data? This document explains the risks and challenges that these technologies can introduce and provides practical strategies to tame them.

Key benefits:

  • Learn how to identify and catalog all generative AI and low-code/no-code deployments in your environment
  • Discover new and expanded tools and processes to achieve complete visibility and scrutiny of your data
  • Find out how to manage and protect your data effectively with guardrails that protect your users and your data
  • Understand the risks of invisibility, data leakage, data quality, and inadequacy, and how to mitigate them

Download your copy today and gain the knowledge you need to protect your enterprise’s data from the growing risks of generative AI and other low-code/no-code technologies. Don’t wait until it’s too late.


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