Incisive Software Wins InsuranceERM Award for Best End-User Computing Risk Management Solution of the Year

CAMPBELL, CA – February 25, 2022 –

Incisive Software Spreadsheet Management has been named the End-user Computing (EUC) Risk Management Solution of the Year for 2022 by InsuranceERM – U.K. and Europe. This is the third consecutive year that Incisive Software’s risk management solution has been honored for excellence by InsuranceERM.

One of the most overlooked and potentially costly threats to insurance companies is EUC risk from business documents like spreadsheets. Diane Robinette, CEO of Incisive Software explains, “Human error is always a liability. Many of the techniques and tools used to manage spreadsheets are either manual processes or homegrown systems; both are difficult to use, unreliable, and nonresponsive to rapid business change. Incisive Software Spreadsheet Management fills this void so insurance companies can trust the data that drives their business. It is an honor to have our achievements recognized by InsuranceERM.”

Incisive Software takes a modern, automated approach to spreadsheet management that empowers enterprises to identify and mitigate spreadsheet risk, reduce risk exposure, and improve data quality.

Incisive Software Spreadsheet Management is a suite of connected applications that provide enterprises with essential visibility and control over their business-critical spreadsheets. The suite of applications includes several breakthrough features including Locator, a reimagined spreadsheet discovery application that delivers exceptional search and analysis capabilities making it significantly easier to keep track of spreadsheets. Locator provides risk teams with the power to anticipate and reduce exposure by ensuring spreadsheet inventory remains current.

Another breakthrough feature is the ability to manage and monitor spreadsheets that live outside of a controlled environment (share drives) and those that are too numbered to be moved (or can’t be moved for other reasons). Incisive’s technology solves version control issues by providing a controlled environment for spreadsheets. Every change is tracked, revisions are saved and are easily viewable for future reference and comparison.
Incisive Software Spreadsheet Management is easy-to-use and requires no custom development. Organizations can configure the system as desired to support their unique business needs. More importantly, organizations can be productional in weeks, not months.

About InsuranceERM Awards
The InsuranceERM Europe Awards celebrate individuals, teams and companies that surpass client expectations and are taking insurance risk and capital management to the next level. They recognize the very best in risk management, actuarial and risk modelling practices, as well as the leading service and technology providers in the U.K. and Europe.

About Incisive Software
Incisive Software provides award-winning spreadsheet management solutions that identify, manage, and reduce risk exposure in business-critical processes that use or interact with spreadsheets. Incisive employs a modern, automated approach to manage the compliance process and decision finding by proactively and continuously managing the risk embedded in business-critical spreadsheets.


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