Incisive Software Significantly Speeds Spreadsheet Search and Discovery with Launch of Incisive Locator

Detailed Insight into a Company’s Spreadsheet Inventory Makes Audits More Trustworthy and Transparent

CAMPBELL, CA – November 18, 2021 –

Incisive Software today introduced Locator, a reimagined spreadsheet discovery solution that delivers exceptional search and analysis capabilities with the Concourse Platform. Locator provides risk teams with the power to anticipate and reduce exposure by ensuring spreadsheet inventory remains current.

“Most organizations rely on manual methods to keep track of spreadsheet inventory. These methods are heavily reliant on business line attestation resulting in out-of-date or inaccurate inventory, often from the moment a spreadsheet is created,” says Diane Robinette, CEO of Incisive. “Because Locator uses flexible and configurable user-defined attributes and priorities, organizations can easily identify their riskiest spreadsheets. With Incisive Locator, discovering the critical spreadsheets necessary to build and maintain an inventory has never been easier.”

Locator offers several search and discovery features that are unique in the market including built-in scheduling capabilities that ensure the spreadsheet inventory is always up to date. Users can aim at a set of directories, and on pre-set schedules, the system will look at the spreadsheets for changes, highlight when spreadsheets are removed from or added to the directory as well as offer high level spreadsheet meta data (e.g., formulas, row and columns, etc.).

The unique advanced search capability allows users to input what they are looking for in a spreadsheet. The system then analyzes spreadsheets for matches. In addition to traditional criteria like keywords, filenames etc., search criteria can be in the form of one or more actual spreadsheets to use as a template when looking for similar spreadsheets in structure and/or data. The search capability is especially useful if a Matter Requiring Attention (MRA) is issued on a particular spreadsheet. Users can quickly scan other spreadsheets for similar issues and proactively address problems to avoid additional MRAs. For highly regulated industries like banking and finance, as well as public companies, Incisive’s Locator fills an important void in the market.

About Incisive Software
Incisive Software provides award-winning spreadsheet risk intelligence solutions that identify, manage and reduce risk exposure in business-critical processes that use or interact with spreadsheets. Incisive employs a modern and automated approach to proactively and continuously manage the compliance, process and decision finding and then managing the risk embedded in business-critical spreadsheets.


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