Honored for Spreadsheet Risk Management Excellence

SAN JOSE, Calif. – February 10, 2020 – Incisive Software’s Spreadsheet Risk Management solution has been named the 2020 Best End-User Computing Risk Management Solution by InsuranceERM. Incisive helps insurance companies significantly minimize risks by providing end-users with visibility and transparency into their spreadsheets to ensure data is accurate. Because Incisive works within a familiar Microsoft Excel footprint, end-user adoption is extremely high.

“Successful insurance companies are built on a foundation of accurate data. Confidence in the results they generate from complex models is key to making astute business decisions,” says Diane Robinette, CEO of Incisive Software “Incisive’s modern, automated approach to managing spreadsheets greatly reduces end-user computing risk. In doing so insurance companies can be confident that the data they base their decisions off of is accurate. We are honored that InsuranceERM has recognized our unique and highly effective approach to ensuring spreadsheet data integrity.”

Automation capabilities within the Incisive software solution test for accuracy in formulas, calculated values, and hard-to-find items like inconsistencies — hidden and references. Incisive’s revolutionary, patented overlay technology saves companies significant time by highlighting results to draw users’ attention to potential issues and discrepancies. Users can easily drill down into cells to see why formulas are not calculating correctly or working as expected. The system’s powerful reporting capabilities make it much easier to demonstrate compliance.

Incisive also enables “boundless” spreadsheets to be easily managed and monitored. Previously, enterprises had little to no recourse against lost or deleted spreadsheets residing outside of a controlled environment. With this new breakthrough feature Incisive enables spreadsheets that live outside of a controlled environment (e.g., shared drives) and those that are too numbered to be moved, or can’t be moved for other reasons, to be managed and monitored. Incisive offers three ways to manage and monitor spreadsheets located on shared drives based on the level of control and security desired. 

About Incisive Software
Incisive Software provides award-winning spreadsheet risk intelligence solutions that identify, manage and reduce risk exposure in business-critical processes that use or interact with spreadsheets. Incisive employs a modern and automated approach to proactively and continuously manage the compliance, process and decision finding and then managing the risk embedded in business-critical spreadsheets.