Incisive Software Makes DFAST Faster for Top 40 Bank

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The Company

This Top 40 Bank is a $38 billion dollar community bank headquartered in New York City. They target commercial real estate and commercial and industrial lending. Their fantastic service has led to a phenomenal growth rate of ~$6B per year. Getting into the top 40’s put the bank in the sights of regulators who are looking for them to comply with the Dodd Frank Act Stress Test (DFAST) requirements as well as grooming them for the more stringent Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review (CCAR).

The Challenge

Despite their $38 Billion dollar size, they still consider themselves a small bank. With only 2 people in their Risk Modeling group they needed to find a way to comply with the DFAST requirements without overtaxing their limited resources. The team satisfied the quantitative data in their models with a third party and felt very confident in their accuracy, but now the pressure was on the key ingredient in the models—the data.

Why Incisive Solutions?

Knowing that regulators would be focusing on their data, the bank recognized the need for a spreadsheet management solution to ensure a smooth and repeatable process. Locating and validating the data in their spreadsheets was paramount in their DFAST preparations. Incisive offered a comprehensive suite of products that provided the risk intelligence that the bank was looking for. The easy-to-use products were implemented quickly and easily allowing for a streamlined DFAST process.

The Results

Incisive’s Locator software found all the feeder spreadsheets and risk ranked them, allowing the bank to focus their limited remediation time in the right areas. In addition to eliminating the risk in those sheets, their process needed to be documented for the regulator’s review. The speedy error checking and comprehensive reporting in Xcellerator enabled them to do both in a timely fashion. “Incisive saved us over 1,000 man hours in locating and remediating our key spreadsheets,” remarked their CIO. Commenting on the ease of use of Incisive solutions their Enterprise Risk Manager said, “Incisive software is very straightforward, I don’t see how you can mess it up.”

The bank easily met their DFAST requirements and gave their regulator confidence with the comprehensive and thorough nature of their preparations. “The reports were the most important thing in fulfilling the regulator’s requirements,” stated their Enterprise Risk Manager. The bank also recognized the full power of the Incisive solution and are now implementing the software across their organization.

Expanding the Incisive Footprint

Sharing the solution across all departments is a key objective for the coming year. Expanding to SOX, Finance and HR are the immediate goals as well as improving the existing processes in Model Validation. The CIO referred to the Incisive software as “the perfect tool” for Audit citing, “A few clicks and you can easily spot changes from one period to the next. How easy is that?”
With one full cycle under their belts, the bank is improving all of their processes and instituting a healthy level of policies and controls to make their systems more efficient, as well as expediting their DFAST compliance. High risk spreadsheets are given a heavy focus and are reviewed much more frequently than those with lower risk profiles. “Our spreadsheet management processes are more robust than most larger institutions,” commented their Enterprise Risk Manager.


The bank recognized the need for spreadsheet management as a key business initiative for part of their DFAST preparation process. After seeing the value in both time savings and overall data quality, they are deploying the software across their entire organization. The bank sees Incisive software as a strategic investment basing their data management policies around the advanced capabilities of the software.

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