for corporate tax

Corporate tax

Incisive offers corporate tax teams software to help business users to find their own spreadsheet errors, and help stakeholders locate, monitor, and manage spreadsheets and associated risk for their group.

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for finance


Incisive solutions for finance teams create complete confidence in spreadsheet results. Incisive offers CFOs, Treasury and the office of the Controller software for business users to find their own spreadsheet errors (even when they think their spreadsheets are “fine”), and for you as the stakeholder to gain visibility into material spreadsheet usage and risk within your organization.

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for internal audit

Internal audit

Internal Audit can’t always count on users to remember to disclose when they make changes to critical spreadsheets. At the same time, Internal Audit will at times team with business partners to determine if a spreadsheet is “critical” and will regularly review the numbers for compliance.

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for regulatory compliance

Regulatory compliance

Spreadsheets remain an important part of collecting and aggregating data to address regulations like SOX, DFAST and CCAR. To meet requirements, organizations need to place controls around models in Excel, and organizations also need comprehensive reporting of who did what, and when they did it. This is a manual, time-consuming task prone to errors and, in the end, is still incomplete.

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